University of Florida Health Insurance

The University of Florida offers students and employees a few options when it comes to choosing a student health insurance policy.

While having Florida health insurance is not required to attend the University of Florida for domestic students, it is required for international students-international student health insurance.

University of Florida students have the follow options for accessing health care services.

Cash- pay out of pocket.
Student Health Care Center- According to the University of Florida, the SHCC covers most office visits-(this is actually covered by tuition) not including things like lab testing.
College Student Health Insurance- Either an individually purchased Florida health insurance policy or covered as a dependent under a parent’s Florida medical insurance policy.
University Sponsored Health Insurance- The University of Florida offers two school sponsored health plans for students.
Undergraduates: A Plan is offered through UnitedHealthCare –
Graduate Students: GatorCare which is also offered through UnitedHealthCare-

University Sponsored Health Insurance Plans are notorious or maybe even “infamous” for lacking benefits or having limited benefits.

They sometimes only cover a set amount “per illness or accident”, which obviously can leave a parent or student some pretty significant bills left to be paid if they have even a semi serious illness.

The most important thing for University of Florida students to consider when choosing a Florida Health Insurance policy is to make sure it offers full coverage, has an affordable rate and a solid network.

Many times students take a university sponsored health plan and then find difficulty finding private health insurance once they leave school, due to medications taken let’s say for anxiety which is pretty common, or a medical treatment they had in the past.

Also, in our current economy one can not rely on obtaining employer sponsored health insurance due to HealthCare Reform laws and the way the economy is hurting small and large businesses.

Compare rates and benefits today for a florida student health insurance policy from top carriers like Aetna, Blue Cross, HumanaOne, CoventryOne, Cigna and UnitedHealthOne.

University of Wilson NC Health Insurance –

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