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The Despicable Me Kitchen Items To Grab

An avid fan of the ever-cute villains from The Despicable Me 1 & 2 and to the upcoming prequel Minions movie? Hands up!

Minion Luch Box

To be released on July 10, 2015, the film Minions which is a prequel of The Despicable Me 1 & 2 is one of the most anticipated animated movie of this year. For avid fans of these yellow well-costumed cute creatures called minions, collectible items are their happiness. Fans may be kids or persons who are kids at heart, minions never fail to melt everyone’s hearts with their innate and natural cuteness. Getting excited for the upcoming Minions film? July is near, how about getting these Despicable Me movie inspired items while waiting? Check the Slide Presentation for this article.

Minions Drinkware


The Despicable Me Drinkware

Your favorite cup with the cuteness of The Despicable Me popular character–minion. An enjoyable way to have your favorite beverages.

Minion Water Bottle

Water Bottle 

With a star-fish sticking on minion’s goggles, that’s simply funny! Don’t look at it while drinking, I’m telling you.

Minion Coffee Tumbler

Coffee Tumbler

I don’t care if they’ll think I’m childish, I am going to have this coffee tumbler.

Coffee Tumblers 

Take this two tumblers and give the other to your best buddy. That’s sweet!

Liquid Tumbler 

The silly look from that minion is mood-brightening. Brightens your drinking moments also.

Canning Jar with Straw 

A simple jar with your favorite minions. Well, that’s special now.


Too cute for a kettle.


I’d love having coffee with you using these minions mugs. I just felt like it is.

Minions Tableware

Cereal Bowl 

Who’d not want to see minions first at breakfast? A good start before going to school!

Standard Kit 

For Minions-themed birthday parties, a perfect choice. Let your kids and his/her friends be happy while using these.

Minions Accessories


Bottle Opener 

Open up your bottles with this adorable minions accessory. A bottle opener with the smile of your favorite minion.


Light up your kitchen with these minions-shaped light covers.

Lunch Box 

Make your child’s lunch special by putting his/her food inside this minions-inspired lunch box.

Table Cover 

Take a month where you can put this as a cover to your kitchen’s table. Your kids would love to be with you in the kitchen always.

Green Baking Molder

Bake goods with the shape of your favorite minions. A way to enjoy baking in the kitchen with your kids.

Pink Baking Molder

Bigger molds for your favorite baked goods in the shape of minions. Live up your baking in the kitchen.

Aren’t these kitchen items adorable to put in one’s kitchen? From drinkwares, tablewares to accessories, touch of these cute Minions is really a plus. Double purpose it is- use these to satisfy your kitchen needs as well as making our kitchen bright and alive. I know, these The Despicable Me inspired kitchen items made you feel more excited with the film Minions. I just can say that. I can’t wait to utter the words “Banana!” also. The Fair Kitchen share the same feeling about these adorable villains. Now, have these Minions kitchen items and add them to your loved collection. How about putting them up in display in your kitchen? Great idea, right? Have a happier kitchen! Yebey! (Yebey is Hooray in Minion language)

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