The Atlanta aquarium 120 gallon

Atlanta aquarium is not just meant to attract the visitors with its various exotic creatures but is also aimed at the innovative idea of conserving the precious sea animals and meantime is able to conduct research for the better care of the endangered species. The generous displays of the colorful sea animals are also aimed at teaching the public of the necessity of conserving these innocent creatures and in turn, are able to contribute for their survival at all costs. The studies conducted at the aquarium are then discussed with other conservation organizations whereby they can protect the species from more abuse that is noticed in many parts of the globe.

120 Gallon Aquarium
120 Gallon Aquarium

In fact in the initial stage of the aquarium opening, some animal rights activist protested the plan to display two whale sharks, saying the giant animals were more likely to die young in captivity, questioning the conservation plans. However these two giants are faring quite well looked after delicately by the vets. Had they been left in Taiwan, would have ended as seafood. Another case portraying the aim of Atlanta aquarium 120-gallon conservation belief was the acquisition of the male beluga whales from Mexico amusement park, where these gentle creatures were mistreated.

Keeping in mind their environmental protection and conservation plans, Atlanta aquarium is therefore involved in projects like the studies to understand the natural food habits of the sharks and their span, which is endangered. There are also the aquaculture studies of giant cuttlefish, sea dragon, jellies and coral. One clear indication of the aquarium’s plan for conservation is their 4R program where through the generous contributions of the people, world-class facilities are arranged for the comforts of the sea animals and studies conducted for their longer survival. In fact there are twenty-three treatment tanks where the sea creatures are given special treatments by renowned vets. Atlanta aquarium 120 gallon is thus a safe haven for these exotic animals.


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