Linenfold Design

Located in Toronto, Canada, this  team  of interior decorators and interior designers are familiar with all aspects of home renovation and interior design.

Linenfold Ltd. was founded in 1995 by former fashion designer Hugh Garber and project manager Rob Keifer. Garber and Keifer bring more than thirty years each in their respective fields, combining their knowledge of design, construction, fabrics, colour and project management making a successful and well-respected team. Linenfold, named after a carved panel embellishment that replicates folded linen, is located adjacent to Designer’s Walk, home to Toronto’s most important design trade showrooms, Hugh and Rob’s main goal is to achieve a blend of client vision with the basic elements of good design, while making the process as pleasant and stress free as possible.” We love what we do and truly believe that along with our design talents, service is our most valuable commodity”.

Linenfold Design
186 Bedford Road, Toronto, Ontario,
Canada. M5R 2K9 Tel: (416) 944-0250

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