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Garden Statues

Garden Statues

We carry a beautiful line of garden statues, lawn sculptures, and lion statues at wholesale prices. There are primarily three ways to use garden statuary to its best advantage.  You can use garden statues as a focal point, to set off the entrance to a space, or as a surprise to come upon unexpectedly.  At Get eBargain Products, we have garden statues to serve all these purposes

Lawn Sculptures as Focal Point

We are committed to offering garden statues and lawn sculptures decor at affordable prices to our customers. Using larger lawn sculptures as a focal point is a classic bit of garden design, and classical images often work best. Our garden statues cherub with a lantern is an excellent example. At 25.5 inches high, these lawn sculptures creates a central point that brings the sweeps of flowers into balance. And since it holds a tea light candle, it also casts a beautiful light on summer evenings. If you like more of a medieval statue look we have a gargoyle lawn sculptures. Consider our dragon lawn sculptures to help you with that too!

You can use garden statues to set off the entrance to your garden. Or consider lawn sculptures to your entrance. Our paired lions are an example of classic elegance in garden statues. Or use one larger lion as part of your lawn sculptures. Gargoyle lawn sculptures on a pedestal adds a Victorian touch. Use one of our garden statues of playful children. Don’t limit these to garden use, by the way. Lawn sculptures work equally well to set off the entrance to your house, patio or driveway.

Perhaps best of all are the smaller garden statues that are not placed to draw focus, but as hidden treasures to discover. Small cherub lawn sculptures might peek out from beneath the lacy foliage of columbines, for instance. Or imagine the delight of finding our bronzed dragon lawn sculptures under a peony bush! Subtle touches such as these are superb uses for garden statuary. Our garden statues and lawn sculptures at affordable prices will complement your garden and deck areas.

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