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Design Professionals

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Why in the world would anyone hire a professional decorator? Often people will have a passing thought or two about the process of using a professional, but are frightened away by the vision of today’s decorator sweeping into their home leading a pair of afghan hounds, looking around in dismay, and then with a wave of one hand announcing, “This simply won’t do, everything has to go, throw it all out!”  A popular misconception.  Decorators and Designers, whichever term you prefer, work with their clients to create spaces that can be either showcases for personal belongings, or a refuge from the world and while reflecting a special sensitivity, coupled with practical knowledge, meet their clients individuality and criteria.

We all have an interest in our personal surroundings.  This interest has increased directly in proportion to the complexity we experience in our personal and business lives.  It is difficult, if not impossible to control the events that occur outside of our private spaces, but within our own personal structures, our homes, comfort, harmony and peace are no doubt what we desire.  Furniture, artwork special objects cannot hurt us.  These objects aptly placed by a decorator who understands our needs can become comforting and supportive. That is why choosing the right decorator can be the best choice if anyone is anticipating a project that is so important to the way we live in contemporary society.

Rarely will a non-professional have the talent, vision, sense, knowledge, and experience, eye for scale and proportion and authoritative style to create the spaces as these professionals. When one thinks of the cost of truly creating a successful space in their home, one should think about the staggering cost of mistakes even for the most confident do-it-yourselfer.

US interior now showcases some of the most talented professionals in the interior design industry. Why not browse through each of their portfolio presentations to find the one that is right for your needs.

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